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The Masters in Public Health (MPH) at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) is a three-semester intensive program meeting the highest international standards. The course offers a broad public health perspective designed to teach in a larger socio-economic context in order to develop professionals with managerial and technical competence. The program ensures achievement of defined preventive healthcare services in line with the objective of “health for all” envisioned by The World Health Organization (WHO). The course accepts students from a wide range of backgrounds preferably medical related education and training; health service professionals, healthcare service providers, social scientists, experts from any discipline and those who have worked in national healthcare systems, international agencies or NGOs.

This program aims: (i) to develop professionals and their critical analysis of the issues within the primary healthcare, public health management, policy, planning and financing of preventive healthcare programs, and (ii) to formulate and design appropriate health policies and strategies responsive to the evolving needs of the healthcare program.

Graduates from this course can substantially contribute and add value to the international and national health management, policy planning and intervention. They can work for government, international agencies, NGOs and the private sector as policy-makers, researchers, advisers or or work in advocacy or training in the field of public health ensuring healthcare and disease prevention.

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